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Meeting At The Dorm

Getting to know Jennifer wasn't easy. I would see her around at the local music venues but she wouldn't say much. I introduced myself once but we didn't exchange numbers or anything. She just smiled at me and I always admired her beauty. She was a gorgeous redhead but a damn quiet one at that. I literally ran into her on four separate occasions before we exchanged e-mail addresses.

I didn't hesitate to contact her but Jennifer didn't write much. Her messages were friendly but short and she usually just asked how my day was going. I was real happy when she finally suggested that we meet up for a talk.

Jennifer had the perfect place to meet because she lived in a college dorm room. It was a bit of a drive but she was happy when I arrived. It turned out that she was an art major and a hell of a painter. She showed me her picture albums and her magazine collection and I enjoyed listening to her play the saxophone. It became clear that she was a very creative person.

I left her dorm room that night feeling quite good. Still, when I got into my car to drive off, my mind was on something other than Jennifer. I thought of all the guns I owned and kept in the trunk and of the two people I had killed. Sure, I had gotten to know Jennifer. I just wondered if she'd get to know me.

Story by:

John Kujawski

submitted at 5:08am

1 February 2012