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The Story Of Charlie Wong

Charlie Wong saw life in black and white: hard work or bullshit. He believed in hard work and had never taken a day off his Deep Bowl take-out restaurant for 20 years. He was genetically bullshit-intolerant: none of his kids owns an iPad, or i-Anything; he had never dropped a quarter in a panhandler's cup. Nor had he ever bought any insurance. He bought lottery though. Sadly, his two decades' worth of tickets had amounted to no more than bullshit.

A few days ago, a drunk walked in and waited in line. When it's his turn, Charlie yelled the usual "Next!"

The guy pulled out a semiautomatic: "Don't you call me Next, you moron! My name is not Next!" He put three bullets in Charlie and killed him instantly. Charlie had no life insurance but about a quarter million dollars saved in the bank. He could be buried cheaply but in the stampede following the gunshots, a toddler got badly injured and is still in critical condition. The parents have filed a lawsuit against Deep Bowl. Since Deep Bowl has no liability insurance, Charlie's savings will soon be gone.

Story by:

Henry Lu

submitted at 9:33pm

8 February 2012