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No Trespassing

May 5, 2011

To The Mayor,

I sent this letter to you so that you could talk to the townspeople and tell them to leave me alone. I've explained my side of the story a thousand times and yet nobody wants to believe me; they've thrown rocks at my windows, called me "a stone-cold" bitch and taped threatening letters to my front door. It wasn't my fault about what happened to that little boy and besides I put up those "No Trespassing signs" on my fence but it isn't my fault they don't listen to me. Their parents don't give a shit about them until something happens and then it's the property owner who ends up being responsible.

I'll go door-to-door if I have to and nobody wants that. They don't want to turn into stone like that little boy did when I caught him in my backyard.



Story by:

Brian J. Smith

submitted at 9:59pm

12 February 2012