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She Who Can Do No Wrong

She can do no wrong. She tells us she was 'headhunted', and is being 'fast-tracked' through the company. There's a 'light at the end of the tunnel' then, we think.

In meetings she holds the floor, and people listen to her, though she doesn't listen much back. Her Blackberry seems welded to her ear, her arm continually raised, 'fuhrer-like' as she snaps 'bear with'. People ask her questions, and she's always got the answers. Long ones.

She's tall, with long dark hair that seems to be in perpetual motion at the back when she walks, and she continually rakes her widespread fingers backwards through her fringe. This makes her look really intense. And startled.

She's well-versed in the language of management. She talks about the strategy 'going forward' and she tells people that she 'has them on her radar'. Her 'door is always open on this issue' and she likes to 'drill down' into problems 'from the get-go'. She's interested in the 'granularity' of our daily lives and has promised that as our new leader she will 'leverage our talents' in order to promote the 'strategic staircase'.

We've never really met anybody like her before.

And when she goes for a pee you'd swear she's got a horse in there with her.

Story by:

Sandra Crook

submitted at 8:39am

13 February 2012

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