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'Grandpa,' Tommy said, 'have you got a name? Other than Grandpa, I mean. Danny at school said that's not actually a name.'

The old man smiled. 'It's Frank, lad. Grandpa's a title, but it's a special one.'

'Oh. Only Danny said that his dad said that his dad -' Tommy paused, making sure those words had lined up without falling over, then continued, 'knew you when you were at school... no, not school, somewhere else... I don't remember now, but he said everyone there called you Shiv, and I said that was a funny kind of name, and he said it was a sort of knife, and that you -'

'Well,' Grandpa said, ruffling Tommy's hair, 'that's the trouble with little boys, they've got dirt and marbles and comic books where their brains ought to be. Pay no mind to silly names, lad. I'm Grandpa Frank and that's all you need to know. Now, it's too nice a day to spend cooped up indoors, so why don't we head on outside? You can take your new bike, show old Grandpa how well you can ride it. And maybe while we're out, you can show me where this Danny lives.'

Story by:

Michelle Ann King

submitted at 3:42pm

18 February 2012

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