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The Person I Never Liked

I never liked Jimmy. At school, he was excruciating to be around. For starters, his voice was nasally and annoying and he always had something to say. To top it off, it seemed like everything he said was something the teachers liked. He won a few spelling bees and always had the right answer in math class. A lot of the parents encouraged their kids to spend time with him.

I spent as little amount of time as possible with Jimmy growing up. Sadly, I heard about him well past grade school and into my adult years. It seemed like anytime I spoke with old friends they'd have updates on him. Jimmy even sent people sickening holiday cards with his attractive family on them.

One day I read about Jimmy in a local magazine. I felt ill. He had a corporate job and had wavered his health insurance so he could afford a classic car. That's when I had an idea. I pulled out the phonebook and gave Jimmy a call. I invited him to my apartment.

To my surprise, Jimmy accepted the invitation. He showed up with a grin on his face and parked his new car outside.

When I invited him in he told me about his job and how great his health was and how he'd probably never need health insurance. That's when I pulled out my gun and shot Jimmy in the leg.

Story by:

John Kujawski

submitted at 6:20am

21 February 2012