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Giving, an American tradition (part 2)


That night changed a lot of things about Jason Whittaker. He never forget that lesson and was constantly looking for a way to repay the favor that had been paid to him. He got just that oppurtunity one night on his way home from work. It was a cold, rainy night, much like the one that made Jason into the new man he was, he looked into the rearview mirror of his new car, which he credited to his promotion, which he believed came about after he took on many more black clients at his law firm. He saw three young black men huddled around a broken down car that looked as if it was held together with primer and prayer, he quickly engaged his brakes and turned around. The three men clambered into his car, getting mud on all his seats he noticed, but did not say a word. He took them to his house where his wife cooked them a hot meal. As they heartily ate, he told them they could stay in the guest bedroom of his house for the night and tomorrow they would look through the classifieds for a new car. The next day all three men sat down to a hot breakfast and found a car for five hundred dollars. It wasn't in the best shape but it was far better than the one they were using the day before. Jason took them to the car and payed for it with cash and, as the young men begged and pleaded for a way to repay him, he told them to remember this day the next time they were driving and saw someone else in need.

Giving is only one of the many things America is known for, but in my opinion it is our country's greatest trait. We are not a perfect country, nor does anyone think we are. Our economy is in the worst condition it has been in for a while, however I believe, we as a people, will pull through these hard times and it is that spirit of giving that will get us through these hard times. I said once before that America is not perfect, yet I would not choose to live anywhere else.

Story by:

Austin Miller

submitted at 12:41am

20 March 2009