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Dear Mom:

The doctors here are perplexed by brother's condition as well. They've never seen anything so monsterous. He is unrecognizable. Our landlady speaks only Italian and makes the sign of the cross every time we pass her in the hall. It seems that the swelling gets worse daily. Hard to believe that this all began with something akin to a mosquito bite. Tomorrow, we move on to Germany to see yet another specialist. We will take a late train. Today we spent some time sitting in the garden after returning from the doctor. We left hurriedly once some children arrived. Back at the apartment now and getting ready for bed. Wait... I just heard move under brother's bed. I recognize the breathing. It is here. I will not be sleeping.

Made it through the night. On the train now and trying to nap but my entire body is irritated with bug bites, making it impossible to get comfortable. Please pray for both of us.

Story by:

James Kowalczyk

submitted at 1:51am

19 March 2012