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Bit, The Irish Wolf Hound

How rocky was the soil? How deep would he need to dig? How long did the hole need to be? How should it be oriented, north to south, east to west, or some variation thereof? Where was the shovel? These were all grave concerns. Not only because they concerned something important, but because the important thing that they concerned was a grave. A grave for an Irish wolf hound named Bit.

Bit had lived a long life by Irish wolf hound standards. He was 10 years old on the dark August night that he finally died. He might have died of old age if he had lived even a few more days. As it was, Bit died of a Chevrolet, or rather on a Chevrolet, or rather yet, under a Chevrolet. It was a very large Chevrolet, or a dog the size of Bit would never have fit underneath it.

It was Bit's size that made the questions about the grave so grave. Bit would not fit in the deep freeze, and it was intensely hot. An old Irish wolf hound does not smell good on a cool breezy day when it is alive. On a hot night with no wind, the stench of a dead one is difficult to bear, let alone hide from its owner who lives next door, and happens to be a judge, and very unforgiving, and head of the homeowners association.

Story by:

Dave Knox

submitted at 8:19pm

26 March 2012