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Giving, an American tradition (part 1)

America is probably the greatest country in the world, no scratch that it is the greatest country world. It is filled with many different culture, it is in fact the world's melting pot. Each culture in America has given its on unique contributions to this great country, and maybe more importantly, its own traditions. America is a country made up of traditions, each tradition is important in its own right. One tradition that stands out in America, no matter the culture, is giving. America is known for it's tradition of giving.

It is a cold, rainy night as Jason Whittaker makes his way home from a hard day at work. He shivers slightly as he leans forward to turn on the heat in his car and as he does this the car gives a violent shudder and dies. He manoeuvres the vehicle over to the shoulder of the road, cursing as he does. He gets out in the freezing rain to look under the hood, as he does this he curses the black mechanic that supposedly "fixed" his car. He continues looking under the hood and has no idea how to fix it, he is disgusted with himself for resorting to the racism that his father always displayed in the household he grew up in. As he stands in the violently cold weather a car drives by and he sees it put on its brakes and begin to turn around to help him.

Jamall Henderson saw the man standing next to his car with the hood up and the freezing rain falling around him, and he had no second thoughts about turning around to help him. As the man climbed into the car, wet and cold, Jamall felt waves of dislike and relief coming from the man. Jamall didn't understand the vibes he was getting from the man, nor did he care, he only wished to help the man out. Jason Whittaker did not have a dime on him, he had left his wallet in his broken down car. As they pulled into the gas station Jamall handed Jason a twenty dollar bill and told him to get himself something warm to eat and use the change to pay for a taxi ride home.


Story by:

Austin Miller

submitted at 12:41am

20 March 2009