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The Rise And Fall Of Sami Mi Mi Ku Fung

My name Sami Mi Mi Ku Fung. I kick down Empire Building. I bounce up street. Man say, no bounce, walk. I kick man in head. Man fall down. I laugh. But man policeman. Police come everywhere. Chase Sami. I say, Hai Karate. But that only shave-after my daddy use. I want be Zizi Zhang. I jump and bounce and stand on lamppost. Helicopter come. Police say, go down go down. I go up. I jump on roof of empire building. People run. They scared. I laugh. I say, Hai - yai, but I no say more, I forget words. I kick wall of Empire Building. Hurt foot. Hurt foot very bad. No walk. Cry. Lie on roof and shout, Aaargh, aaargh. Police throw net. I caught.

Now hospital. I say reporter, I no Zizi Zhang. I better Zizi Zhang. She no jump on Empire Building. Reporter say, how you break foot?

I say, no break foot.

She say, why in plaster?

I say, look good, new fashion in China, I famous in China, everyone know me, I call Sami Samurai.

Then judge in court say, you no jump on Empire Building, very danger. You pay ten thousand dollars.

I say America no have humour.

He say, go prison.

Now I no bounce. I sit in cell. Feel sad. What's wrong I do. No fair. I want go home China. But China say no want me.

Story by:

Samantha Memi

submitted at 7:13pm

8 April 2012

Samantha Memi's web: