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The Thing About Cats

Brown, blue, silver and white fur coats the well-worn furniture. The 89-year-old spinster lovingly feeds the collection of Tabbies and Persians. Waggles, Skittles, Madeline, Zowee and Larkie are preoccupied with their meaty dinner. If not, maybe they would have tried to remind the frail old lady to nibble on a morsel. She has lost all sense of self. Unaware of her failing condition, the retired bookkeeper simply dotes on her felines.

Blissfully, the feeble woman goes about the task of caring for the horde. The cats sense the inevitable doom. As she subsides to the mindless disease, her companions provide comfort the best they can. Furry bodies cuddle up against her skin. Scratchy tongues try to wake her. Declawed paws nudge the limp body. She has left behind a group of confused pets.

Ultimately, instinct ensures survival. Nature is a cycle of unending twists and turns. In the end, the cats will be taken to foster homes. The new owners will ponder their finicky pets and wonder at the gleam in their eyes.

Story by:

Jan Campana

submitted at 4:13pm

20 March 2009