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Alias Anonymous

No one is looking for him, but he does not know that. As far as he is concerned, he is still an outlaw, a fugitive, a wanted man. Everywhere he goes (and he goes everywhere), he assumes a new name and history, each more outlandish than the last. It is as if he wants to mock the abilities of those he believes are sworn to find him. For example, his most recent residence was in a small town in middle America, a place where someone named Archilochus Marginatta was sure to be noticed. Before that, he lived in Florida and claimed to be the illegitimate great-grandson of Joseph Mengele's nanny's husband's cousin by marriage (her third out of a total of at least five, perhaps as many as seven if the clerical records of certain marginal Caribbean principalities are accepted). He sees himself as living on the narrowest of ledges above the abyss of capture. It has become a constant source of frustration that his enemies have apparently failed to notice him. So he continues, jumping back and forth, from shadow to light, refusing to entertain the possibility of public indifference.

Story by:

Bob Carlton

submitted at 6:40pm

24 April 2012