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Phone Calls

She sat in her room, staring at the phone. This was the last call! Army wife's the toughest job, she has to be strong, for herself, his family, and the kids who all had his blue eyes. The phone always rang by 9, it was 2. He'd be home the next week. She had a lot to tell him though. Tommy hit a home run, Kaci got a gold medal, and Charlie made the hockey team. Tomorrow would be four years since she had touched his beard, hugged him, kissed him. She put the TV on. 11 dead. Huge explosion. His platoon. She cried worse than the day he left. She couldn't move. The kids were asleep, they didn't hear her screaming. Then, the doorbell rang. She opened the door and cried again. He asked her if they could go to the store, his phone got caught in the explosion.

Story by:

Danielle Leone

submitted at 11:51am

3 May 2012