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Summer Days

The grass in the park seems brighter, greener. The sky, glimpsed through the cascade of your auburn hair, is a never-ending canvas painted with delicate wisps of white.

The families stretched out on picnic blankets around us, all seem happy. Laughter lifts on the warm summer air, thick with flowery scents, competing with the distant chug of a lawnmover.

For a moment - just a moment - the world is perfect.

Everything, I realise, belongs exactly where it is. Especially my head - resting on your gentle lap.

I look up at your pale face with the freckles you hate, the green eyes you don't, and its beauty stills my heart. In that second, in that single moment, I get it. I understand.

I love you.

Before I can stutter a word, with a slight smile, you dip your lips down to mine and we slowly kiss.

You are one step ahead - as always.

Story by:

Clive Martyn

submitted at 12:48pm

3 May 2012

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