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Cora Was A Loner

It seemed like everyone stayed away from Cora. I lived in the dorms with her when I was a sophomore in college and I saw the way she was treated. What went on was the standard torment one would expect a social outcast to receive. No one invited Cora to any events outside of campus. Most students laughed behind her back and no one sat with her in the cafeteria. The difference with Cora was that she didn't seem to care and I wanted to find out why.

Cora had a unique appearance but never smiled. She wore only one dress and it was black with large grey polka dots. Plus, her hair was almost white but she wore dark lip stick. My friends always encouraged me to stay away from her. I didn't listen.

One night, I decided I had to meet her and I knocked on her door. Amazingly, Cora answered and pulled me inside the room as if she was in a hurry. Right away, I pounded her with questions as to why she wasn't making friends and why she wouldn't interact with anyone. Cora just laughed.

She sat down on her bed, moving her head from side to side and staring at me in a sinister trance. Her eyes looked dead and colorless. She pulled a thick metal knife from her pocket and grinned. Cora snapped the knife in two like it was a toothpick and responded with a line I'll never forget.

"You tell me, John. Why would I want to make friends with a human being?"

Story by:

John Kujawski

submitted at 8:50am

11 May 2012