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Gone Fishin'

"You crazy, Jes? What if we get caught?" I looked at my friend like he'd lost his mind.

"Just tell your ma you're goin' fishin'." Jes grinned that grin of his that meant trouble.

I hesitated, but was too tempted. I went into the kitchen where Ma was canning tomatoes. There was sweat rings 'round her armpits. It was hot that day - 'bout 104 degrees.

"I'm going fishin' with Jes, Ma."

She waved me away. "Fine, Claire. Remember... home by six for dinner."

Well, off we went. Only we didn't go to the fishin' hole. We went to the falls that ran down the mountain nearby. Sure looked temptin' in that heat.

"Jes, what in blazes you up to?"

He just laughed. "You'll see. C'mon!"

He grabbed my hand and suddenly we were running through the falls and into a cave I'd heard tell 'bout but never been in before.

Well, I soon found out why Jes took me there. He told me I was gettin' into womanhood and he was gonna show me what that meant. I'd heard stuff but it sure weren't like what happened next.

Ma didn't ask if I'd caught any fish, and I sure weren't gonna tell her what me 'n Jes'd been up to.

The next day I was waitin' as Jes walked up to the house. I yelled "hey Ma, I'm goin' fishin' again with Jes!"

"Fine, Claire. Just be home by dinner."

Story by:

Lucretia Crouse

submitted at 8:20pm

27 May 2012