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Old Mother

"Cindy come down here" my mother screamed in horror. I ran down the stairs in fear something was wrong and fell on my way down. "What mom" "Do you see my skin do you see that wrinkle ugh I was making food putting orange fruit on the kabobs about to go mash the potatoes then I saw it I looked in the bowl and I saw the wrinkle" "Ooh ma don't worry you look fine gosh you scared me I have to go" "Wait Cindy "What mom" "I need you to go to the neighbors and tell them dinners off I look like a sunburnt grandma. I need to go take a bubble bath to calm myself it's ok Jenna it is ok" she said talking to herself as she walk away. I walked outside to see the neighbors raking the leaves on green grass "Hey guys so my mom turned old over night so I dinners off bye".

Story by:

Charlette Woods

submitted at 10:47pm

11 June 2012