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The Worst Day

One day I was walking down the street in the middle of new York I felt something hit me. I looked at my shoulder and there was a heaping pile of bird poo. I looked up and saw them aiming for me, it was like they had missile guidance systems. Then I felt a tingling feeling on my shoulder. I looked again at it and it had burned through my coat and was burning my skin. I ran to the hospital and asked a nurse, "what do I do?" She said you will have to get it amputated. I started screaming. I passed out. The next second I knew my right arm was gone and a strange lady was replacing it with a metallic one. I first thought cool I have a robot arm, but then I thought about how I would get made fun of and how my new name would be the cripple or one arm Jo. I left the hospital and went to the gun shop and after a closed bank account and hours of waiting I had a new robot arm, with all kinds of weapons attached.

Now I will destroy those feathery rats!

Story by:

Travis Azeka

submitted at 10:49pm

11 June 2012