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The Cat's In The Cradle Curio Shop

William surveyed the rundown shop and exclaimed, "This is so wicked! The website says they have the original "cat in the cradle" mummified."

"What's that?" squeaked Tyler.

William answered his younger brother, "It's said the cat helped a baby survive a great flood; others think the cat was just sucking the soul out of the girl to keep itself alive. Legend has it that cats can drain the souls of young children."

The father looked at them disdainfully. "Let's just get this over with."

"Welcome," a scruffy looking clerk announced as they entered the store. "How may I help you?"

"Do you have the original cat?" William shrieked while the store's cat rubbed against Tyler's legs.

"Why certainly," the clerk announced, looking intently at Tyler. "What are the ages of the children? Kids under six get in free."

Tyler announced, "Since yesterday, I'm six!"

A slight frown crossed the clerk's face as he took their money and escorted them into a back room, scooping up the cat from the floor.

Later, a jubilant William left holding a postcard showing a poorly stuffed cat in a badly painted cradle.

"What a rip-off," the father muttered as they left the store.

The clerk watched the family leave as the cat jumped out of his arms. Seconds later, a woman appeared where the cat had been.

"It's a shame that the boy was too old," the woman purred.

The clerk nodded in agreement and replied, "His soul did smell quite delightful."

They both laughed.

Story by:

Chip Putnam

submitted at 1:43am

12 June 2012