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A Certainty

Yolanda's shadow filled every thought Carlos had. The idea of her was a ceaseless presence in his brain. As they hauled their nets up onto the center deck, his brother Pablo's curiousity overflowed. "What makes a man dwell on his one night with a woman? And it so long ago, seven years now my brother! I pray that soon you will be able to move on in this life. This is not a good way for a man to live. It must change!"

Carlos cast his gaze out over the open water. A sly content smile then came across his face. The smile of a man who knows a secret that's beyond words. A secret he's fated to keep. Words did come, although they were fruitless. "Pablo, we have spoken of this many times. My heart is the same as that day seven years ago. From the moment I first was to see her, my soul told me that this would be all or nothing. The way to a life with her, it has been my quest for these past years. My heart is at ease though, because on that day I accepted my fate. Move on you say, but how can I betray my feelings? Surely you must know, that to sell one's heart cheap is folly. So too for me you also know, that a life without my dream is not possible."

At that, Carlos saw the sadness in his brother's eyes, and he knew it was for him. Words had proven their uselessness again. So there was only one thing to do. "Pablo! Turn our boat into the wind! Our nets have a fate of their own you know! And our job my brother... our job is to help them find it."

Story by:

John Drenga

submitted at 1:58pm

12 June 2012