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Bird With No Wings

Not all birds have wings. I once saw one sitting alone, high in a tree. It had nowhere to go and nothing to do, so it sat gazing out into an unknown world. How long it had been there I do not know. It would soon die I thought - how can a bird with no wings survive? But to my astonishment the bird remained perched on the same lonely branch day after day. Over time, I grew accustomed to this curious little bird. Each day I passed it in the park on my way to work. It looked down at me with a sympathetic and knowing expression when I paused by the tree. Next to it was an empty nest where it had grown up I supposed. But no other birds were ever to be seen nearby. At last I decided to try and help it. Perhaps I could take it home and raise it? The next day I returned with a box filled with grass and a cup of water, but the bird with no wings was gone. I looked all over but there was no trace of it anywhere. Then it occurred to me what had happened. I sat down beneath the tree and began to cry. The bird with no wings had decided to fly.

Story by:

William Wood

9 July 2012