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She watched him, chatting and flirting with the pretty girl in skinny jeans and tank top - something she would never wear again. He had given the girl the best place by the table, her place. Forgotten just like that. Abandoned. Nothing new there for her life had begun that way. The orphanage had been no better, but she had companions, food if meager, and a bed to sleep and dream in.

Thoughts of her parents, the only ones she knew, brought warmth to a lonely, aching heart. 'A temporary respite at best.' It was ungrateful to feel this way. They given her a chance at a life many had never experienced and above all - unconditional love?

Her world that had been black and white until yesterday was now shaded in confusing grey and depressing brown. The culprit sat a few feet away, ignoring her presence as she stood by the cafeteria door, hesitant.

Her first kiss, the only one, was marred by memories that followed. The ugly scar had revealed her true origins; the bite of a hungry dog as she spent the first day on the planet by the garbage can. She had become famous as a headline on the third page of the local daily.

The revulsion on his face as the story unfolded and the sms breakup over the weekend were the real nightmares she endured. His proclamations of love in that empty classroom seemed fickle in the morning light.

A tap on her shoulder jostled her out of her musings. A friendly hand entwined with hers and whispered, "Time to move on." She had wasted enough in isolation.

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4 August 2012

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