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Four Play

"It's really weird, you know, I never noticed this before."

"Noticed what, hon?"

"About the number four; I think there's something supernatural about it." "In what way?"

"Well, there are four seasons right? And four cardinal directions .. and four elements." "Yeah, supernatural, right."

"And four suits in a deck of cards... are you getting this now?

"Can we change the subject, hon?" "And four basic states of matter, I guess, not to mention the four horsemen of the Apocalypse... wow, isn't this amazing?"


"Am I getting a bit highbrow for you here? Well, I'll make it easier for you. What about the Fab Four, hey?"

"Are you patronising me?"

"No sweetheart, just exploring a thought, that's all. See, there's the four noble truths of Buddhism and, let me think what else...

"I'm getting fed up with this now, you're sounding really nerdish so could you just ..."

"Here's more, what about the four blood groups. You know, I think I may be onto something here." "I said ..."

"And the four astrological signs. Hey, d'you suppose anyone else has noticed this? Why are you looking at me like that?"

"I think I've just thought of one."

"See, I knew you'd enjoy this once you joined in, what's yours?"

"Minutes." "Huh?"

"Four minutes, that's how long you've got to pack your bags and get the f*** out of my life. We're done here."

Story by:

Sandra Crook

28 August 2012

Sandra Crook's web: