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The Magician

"I don't usually stay after a show for just one person."

"Oh, I'm sorry. I could leave."

"No no no. Anything for a to-be magician. Besides, I love a pretty face." He winked, she blushed. "Now, don't blink.

The man grabbed at the air above his head and revealed a tiny sphere. He did the same with his other hand. The two small ball-bearings shimmered in the dimly lit auditorium.

"Anyone can do it," he said tossing the balls into the air for it to simply vanish. They faded into nothing.

"The first part I could follow. A simple reveal, but the second - I'm stumped!" His audience of one exclaimed.

"It's all in the wrist, my dear." The suited man showed his viewer the palm of his hand. "You'll love the next part." The woman smiled. With a snap of his fingers and with a puff of smoke, he and the women vanished from the auditorium.

"Where are we?!" She barked.

"Why, we're on my ship. You didn't think simple sleight of hand could make a ball disappear from plain sight, did you?" She was stupefied. "Come, let me show you around."

Story by:

Bernard Heres

4 September 2012