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Ricky And The Murder

Ricky was kind of a jerk. I never understood why I hung out with the guy in college but I guess I had a lot of extra time on my hands. He was someone who always had a theory when it came to dealing with life. There was one Sunday however, when I just didn't want to listen to him.

We were both walking on the overpass. It was the one near school that had the most popular highway underneath it. Cars were storming by in both directions and we were looking down over the railing just watching the excitement. Suddenly, some idiot on a bike came tearing past us and I could have sworn the guy had given us the finger for no reason. He went riding off before we could respond.

Ricky of course had some comments to make. "I bet if that biker came back we could get away with throwing him off the overpass," Ricky said. "Neither of us have committed any crimes before and we could just say it was an accident. I bet if we just kept our stories straight and hired the best lawyers we could find, we could turn that biker into highway food. Then our girlfriends would just have to get over it. We might be on probation for a year or have some community service but it would be worth it."

After hearing those words, I quickly grabbed Ricky and threw him over the rail into the traffic below.

Story by:

John Kujawski

12 September 2012