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Little Buddy

A mother and her young daughter were walking along the beach just after sunrise. They were lucky to come across a single baby sea turtle making its way over the sand towards the ocean.

"I want to help her Mommy," said little Janie as she tried to pick up the sea turtle.

"No. You can't touch her. She has to find her own way to the ocean," said the mother as she held Janie back.

"Why?" asked Janie.

"So she can one day come back to this very spot to lay her own eggs," replied the mother.

"Okay, I get it, " replied Janie.

So they watched and cheered on their "little buddy" until the baby sea turtle tumbled into the crashing waves.

Janie was happy. She waved good-bye to the baby sea turtle and then skipped ahead to gather more seashells for her collection.

The mom was grateful that the Janie did not notice the seagull nose-diving full speed into the water.

Story by:

Ines Franco Fatzinger

12 September 2012

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