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I Do

It's funny, I knew someone would trip over that carpet when I'd first visited the hall. The waiter threw the soup down my beautiful white dress, causing me to jump up and knock into my newly-decreed husband. He in turn spat his mouthful in the direction of Rev. Collins who staggered backwards into the three-tiered cake which collapsed with the table, knocking over the four young bridesmaids who toppled like dominos. The last one hit the heel of my mother-in-law's sandal, throwing her off balance. She tottered towards the open window and her glass of champagne flew out, smashing on the roof of a passing car.

She screamed, brakes screeched and there was a thud as the car drove into the side of the shiny, black Rolls Royce with the pink ribbons. The side door crumpled like an accordion. Luckily, the other driver wasn't hurt.

The damage was only superficial and we'd driven off after the reception waving and blowing kisses - just after poking my aunt in the eye with an over-zealous throw of the bouquet. Halfway to the airport, the back tyre had blown and by the time the driver had changed the wheel, we'd missed our plane.


I laughed to myself as I closed the photo album. The car horn sounded. I popped on the new hat I'd bought for the occasion and checked my make-up in the mirror. Today we were celebrating our ruby wedding anniversary and I knew everything would be just perfect.

Story by:

Elspeth Graty

16 September 2012