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Born In '94

Born in '94, Edmund found it difficult to adjust to '78. It began with a chocolate cupcake, made without empathy or care, but laid bare to mold on a factory's floor by collars of blue, spouting double negatives and obscenities between prayers. In an old moldy library basement, during a threshing thunderstorm, Edmund hit 7 & 8 for that cupcake; it descended and fell from a machine vending snacks and meals on the go. Little did Edmund know, that when he'd reach for that delight, gone would go the flickering lights, and he'd be alone, stranded in 1978. "Why here," Edmund wondered, "why not '42, where I could enlist, go to Europe and do some good?" But he'd wanted the cupcake, nothing else would do, not even the peanut and caramel bar hanging below the four and the two. "I see, I see," Edmund whispered, "the vending machine is a wormhole, and I'm here to revise, to change the past in some dramatic fashion, proving terrible things should be left well enough alone."

So Edmund searched, desiring to confirm, whether David Rorvik had helped to clone another human being, another "Max," with the help of a willing surrogate, a fertile "Sparrow." After some careful investigation, a little prying, and some sneaking about, Edmund found out there was a copy made of "Max." Only instead of being human, it was a cat. "Bummer," Edmund grunted as he chewed, swallowed, and digested the cupcake, finding himself back in 2012 instead of '78. "Next time," he thought, "I'll hit the four and the two."

Story by:

P. Keith Boran

21 September 2012