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A Pot Of Gold

There was once a man who had his arms outstretched to Heaven, imploring. He had reached the end of the rainbow and found there was nothing there. Now he had to return home, empty-handed, to his wife and children. They had so many expectations of him but he was unable to fulfil their hopes and wishes. Sad and disillusioned he took the first step on the path to go back.

His wife dressed the children ready for school. Their clothes were hand-me-down and ragged. Both she and the children were ashamed of their poverty. Don't worry she told them, Daddy will be home today and he will bring a pot of gold. The children went off to school and told all their friends that tomorrow they would be rich.

The man, tired after walking, stopped by the river bank to rest. On the other side of the river sat a gnome, fishing.

Have you caught anything, asked the man

Only an old boot, said the gnome, I'm hoping to catch the other one.

Little chance of that.

More chance than finding a pot of gold, replied the gnome.

Story by:

Samantha Memi

29 September 2012

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