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A Bit Of Life

Fourteen years old boy Raj bought a handful of magic tricks with his heard earned two fifty rupees from the old man, always with a ragged shirt and a grin, on the busy footpath of an old city.

First time on a crowded train, in spite of week long practice, his palms were wet and he could almost hear his own heartbeats during 'on the train show'.

Things became easier as regular passengers hardly had time to be interested and some liked entertainment for free. Raj was delighted at the sound of a few coins, people threw in his can, more than enough for a novice on his first day, he thought.

Raj approached near the crew, the daily rule- benders, smoking and high on cannabis, with his appear - disappear trick.

Easy trick, cut the alternate corners of opposite sides of the pages and flip the notebook from one corner and then the other.

Easy trick it was when they snatched his notebook with words written on alternate pages - " Whatever appears; disappears" and pushed him.

The train was slow, near a station, fortunately. He was on hard floor of the platform. He looked up, almost blankly, where clouds were about to disappear from the summer sky; he felt lighter and lighter as time passed.

Raj was a learner. He stood up and moved on at the announcement of the next train approaching. He knew how to savor the magic; the life.

Story by:

Ashesh Das

2 October 2012