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Movie Night

I always loved it when Miranda and I get together for Movie Night. We would grab a bite to eat on the way home from work at about five-thirty and slip one into the VCR. Yeah, we've been meaning to go to DVDs like everybody else but we're old fashioned. All that Blu-Ray, high-def crap is just their way of hitting you where it hurts - your wallet. We have VCRs all over the house; in the den, in the living room and we even have one in the bedroom, too. Not having a VCR in your bedroom is like not having your cake and eating it, too. We always pick out one from our personal library.

She has hers and I have mine.

We have about twenty tapes in all - especially the one where the blonde girl screams as Miranda twists her nipples with the pliers. At times, we don't know which one we really want to watch.

You know the best part about Movie Night?

Sometimes, when we're filming, she lets me wear the dress.

Story by:

Brian J. Smith

25 October 2012