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One Choice

A choice is all it takes to flip your life completely inside out. It only takes one choice and that choice doesn't even have to be yours. My dad made a choice when my sisters and I were children that changed our lives forever.

When my dad chose to molest his daughters, he wasn't just making a choice for himself. He was making a choice for our entire family that would rip us apart forever. It would also cause psychological ramifications that would haunt us for the rest of our lives.

I was molested by my dad until I was seven years old. In a way, I'm lucky because I don't remember any of it, but memories aren't what cause the lasting affects. I was young enough and traumatized enough that I was able to block out the memories of the act itself. I do remember the events after the molestation though. I remember the gynaecologist visit to make sure that I was not permanently damaged. I remember testifying against my dad in court. I was unable to block those traumatic events from my memories. Those two events have just as much power as the molestation itself and neither would have been necessary if my dad had made a different choice.

My dad could have chosen to be a good father. He could have chosen to be there for his family. He could have chosen not to do irreparable harm to his children. If my dad had just made a different choice, all of this pain could have been avoided. Those events would never have happened. My sisters and I would not be haunted. All it takes is one choice.

Story by:

Elizabeth Brooke Anderson

31 October 2012